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Over the years High Striker Farms has had the pleasure of participating in several competitions featuring some of the best Maine has to offer. We have worked hard to maintain our standard of quality that living soil cultivation brings to our products and share that with our community of peers and patients. 

High 95 Cup


1st Place Greenhouse- Trop Cherry​ 

2nd Place Greenhouse- Crookies

2nd Place Hash Rosin- Papaya



3rd Place- Poontang Pie

4th Place- Airheadzz

6th Place- London Pound Cake

9th Place- Snowman

15th Place- Tropicana Cookies


4th Place Greenhouse- Tropicana Cookies

4th Place Solvent- Mimosa

14th Place Hash Rosin- Tropicana Cookies


1st Place Indoor Flower- Tropicana Cookies

2024 Germination Cup

 1st Place Indoor Flower- Tropicana Cookies

3rd Place Rosin- Poontang Papaya

2023 Nature's Summit  Sweet Sweet Nectar Hash Journey 

1st Place GMO Hash Rosin

3rd Place Papaya Hash Rosin

2023 HoneyPot Hash 

1st Place Judges Choice Hash Rosin- Grapes n Cream x Dosi

2019 Secret Cup

1st Place Hash Rosin- Cherry Strudel 

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